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Main projects

Here are some projects that are recent or more important.

AEnglish Dictionary -
Alternative download location -
A good English<>Bulgarian dictionary with lots of useful features and a big dictionary database

ANFOView - [page in Bulgarian]
Viewer for .nfo and .diz files

APixColor -
Powerful screen pixel color picker

ARotation v1.1 - (171 KB)
A logical game similar to Rubic cube

ASub v1.1 - (229 KB)
Moves the subtitles (.sub) of movies that don't match

AOffMon v1.0 - (8 KB)
Puts your monitor in standby mode

Old projects

Most of these projects are developed and tested under Windows 98.

AFrench Dictionary -
Maybe the only decent bulgarian dictionary for this language

AFNConvert v1.0 - (159 KB)
Converts file names from DOS to Windows Cyrillic

ARun v1.0 - (51 KB)
Open executables and other files using a config file (very powerful)

AStarted v1.0 - (23 KB)
Displays meesage box with the uptime of the system

AConvert v1.3 - (213 KB)
Makes your old DOS cyrillic text files readable on Windows

ADllExports v1.3 - (306 KB) [GNU GPL v2]
ADllExports is used to list the exported functions of a given DLL

ASchLoader v1.0 - (134 KB)
Changes current color scheme. Best for many users that use one PC (tested on 9x/ME only)

AEditCrack v1.0 - (165 KB)
Shows the password under **** using two methods (9x/ME only)

ANoPass v1.0 - (158 KB)
Disables hidden (by ***) passwords and shows Dial-up passwords (9x/ME only)

AIESkin v1.0 - (172 KB)
Place a bitmap on your Internet Explorer's toolbar (IE 5, 6 only)

ANoWall v1.0 - (9 KB)
Remove the Desktop Wallpaper with a single click (if you're tired of removing stupid flowers that you mother or sister had placed on your desktop) (tested on 9x/ME only)

ATransBk v1.0 - (10 KB)
Put it in the Start-up and you'll have Desktop icons with tranparent text background (9x/ME only)